One Dead, One Injured in Fatal Crash

By Tatiana Guertin on
A fatal collision on I-80 in Pocono, Pennsylvania, killed Jamie Powers, 19, and sent driver’s side passenger, Gina Romuno, 20, to the hospital.The three-vehicle collision occurred Wednesday morning. Local authorities believe Powers, swerved quickly from the right, to left lane, when traffic began to slow down. She then lost control of her vehicle, driving off the left side of the road, into a berm, then steering right, only to hit a FedEx truck at a stop in the right lane.After hitting the...Read Full Story

Report of the Jamie Powers accident

By Livingly Staff on
The Pocono News reported on the Jamie Powers accident on I-80.  Here are the details reported so far:POCONO TOWNSHIP – A three-vehicle collision killed a Long Island woman Wednesday morning.  Police identify the victim as Jamie Powers, 19, of Smithtown NY.  Powers was driving in the right line of Interstate 80 east, between the Scotrun and Tannersville exits when, according to police, she apparently made an abrupt shift to the left lane after hit traffic slowed by construction.  The car left...Read Full Story