Redskins QB Jason Campbell Learned About McNabb Trade From Reporter

If you're going to fire Jason Campbell, please let him know about it first. (Getty Images)Talk about being out of the loop. After the Washington Redskins made a trade to acquire Donavan McNabb, you'd think they would notify current quarterback Jason Campbell.

Instead, the QB learned about it from a reporter.

Campbell got a call from John Keim of the Washington Examiner, and the following exchange went down, per Keim:

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Jason Campbell -- Redskins tossing QB for Cutler?

Me: Did you hear about what happened?

Jason: What?

Me: The Redskins traded for Donovan.

Jason: Really? Ummm ... I didn't know that, man.

Me: I'm sorry I had to be the one who told you. I can't believe they didn't tell you.

Jason: No, that's the first I heard of it. ... I'd better go call my agent.

Ouch. News later says that the Redskins are playing a first-round tender on Campbell. Let's hope he lands somewhere with a bit more open communication policy.

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