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Jenn Sterger PR/PR Launch Party
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Jenn Sterger Images, Video: Katherine Webb Connection

By Deena Bustillo on
Jenn Sterger is back in headlines today thanks to all the fuss over Katherine Webb, the pageant beauty girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. What's the connection, you ask? Well, turns out part of the reason Ms. Webb became such a big deal over the last week was because of ESPN commentator Brent Musburger. The announcer made a big to-do about Webb's beauty at the BCS National Championship game Monday and got people talking about the former beauty queen.And, turns out he did a very...Read Full Story

Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger Pics

By Adam Wenger on
Jenn Sterger went on ABC's Good Morning America today to talk about her relationship with Brett Favre and their "sexting" scandal that made headlines last year. Sterger's interview today was the first part of a two-part interview set to continue tomorrow on Good Morning America. As the story goes, Brett Favre allegedly sent Jenn Sterger photos of his genitalia via text message. The two had met when Jenn Sterger was working for the New York Jets -- the same team Favre played for at the time...Read Full Story

Jenn Sterger Sexting Pics Case Ends in $50,000 Fine for Favre

By JJ Duncan on
According to NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell, the NFL can't find any evidence to contradict either Jenn Sterger or Brett Favre's accounts of a possible sexual harassment case where Favre may have sent the former Jets sideline reporter nude pictures of himself on a cell phone. The NFL has fined Favre $50,000 for "failing to cooperate" with the investigation, but could not find any evidence that he sent the pictures. The NFL released an official report that explains: "The forensic analysis...Read Full Story

The Hunt for Jenn Sterger Playboy Pics

By Livingly Staff on
Jenn Sterger originally gained a certain amount of notoriety for being a very attractive Florida State Cowgirl fan.  She used that notoriety to start job-seeking in sports journalism.  Sterger wrote several articles to Sports Illustrated, and later became the "Sports Babe" for Sprint Exclusive Entertainment. Sterger is now making major headlines as part of the Brett Favre scandal.  Allegedly the famed quarter back sent several sexually explicit text messages to Sterger during the 2008...Read Full Story

Do Deanna Favre and Jenn Sterger Look Alike? 97% of Users Say 'Yes'

By JJ Duncan on
In the last two hours we've asked our users if Deanna Favre and Jenn Sterger look alike, and looking at the early voting, people are definitely seeing the similarity. While Deanna Favre is 41, and Jenn Sterger is 26 these two look like they could be sisters! In case you're unaware of the current Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger scandal, let's catch you up to speed.Over the last couple of days it's been revealed by sports blog Deadspin that Bretty might have sent Sterger naught pics via cell phone...Read Full Story
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