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Jenny Slate  Beachside Film's Private Dinner For 'The Sunlit Night' Hosted By The RAND Luxury Escape At The St. Regis
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Jenny Slate  The Vulture Spot At Sundance - DAY 3
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Jenny Slate  Dropbox Celebrates The Cast Of 'Sunlit Night'
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Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Are Dating Because They Are Perfect for Each Other

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5 Great Amazon Prime Movies To Watch That Aren't On Netflix

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'The Secret Lives Of Pets' Looks All Kinds of Adorable

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"Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" Returns

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"Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" has finally returned with a second installment. If you're not familiar with good ol' Marcel, you've been missing out. But no matter, we've got both web videos for your enjoyment right here."Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" is a stop motion viral video about exactly what it sounds like--a tiny shell with shoes and a googly eye. The adorable shell is voiced by SNL alum Jenny Slate and directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp, who also wrote the script with Slate. The...Read Full Story

Jenny Slate Leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

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Jenny Slate, perhaps best known for dropping an eff bomb on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last year, is leaving the show.The news, first rumored by Deadline Hollywood and then confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, is part of cast reshuffling that has already seen veteran Will Forte leave the show. The news comes as three new cast members Taran Killam, Paul Brittain and Venessa Bayer have already been announced, and NBC has just announced that a fourth, Chicago-based impressionist...Read Full Story