6 Key Moments from the Latest 'Jobs' Trailer

By JJ Duncan on
With Jobs opening in less than two weeks, today's new trailer shows even more of Ashton Kutcher's journey through Steve Jobs' life. We've gone through the trailer and picked out the moments that map the movie's trajectory through the Apple creator's life.1. Jobs is transfixed by a computer terminal Steve Wozniak hooked up to a TV.2. Jobs goes from garage geek to tech hero in the space of a few frames.3. Jobs forces Apple employees to pick sides when he senses his vision is being compromised.4...Read Full Story

This 15-Second 'Jobs' Trailer Might Be the Most Appropriate Use of Instagram Video We've Seen Yet

By JJ Duncan on
(Screen shot from Instagram.com/jobsthefilm)Jobs is a movie about a technology pioneer who changed how we interact with media starring the technocratic actor who, it could be argued, made Twitter mainstream. So it feels right that this upcoming Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher has a trailer made specifically for Instagram. It's just the logical extension of narrative. Check out the very square-shaped new trailer for the movie below. Jobs hits theaters August 16th.Read Full Story

Check Out Ashton Kutcher in the Psychedelic New Poster for 'Jobs'

By Lani Conway on
(Open Road Films)We now have the first official poster for Ashton Kutcher's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic aptly titled Jobs — and it'll probably make your head spin. The multi-colored psychedelic-inspired  poster depicts the actor in all his bearded, bespectacled glory as well as the tagline: "Some see what's possible, others change what's possible." The explosion of colors is supposed to serve as a reminder of the color scheme for Apple's old logo. Jobs opens on August 16th.Now that we've seen...Read Full Story