Why did Mark Hurd resign?

HP CEO Resigns
HP's CEO resigned this week amid scandalous rumors involving a contractor named Jodie Fisher.  Fisher is a former actress who was on contract with HP.  Little is yet known about the circumstances that led to Hurd's downfall.

Many are suggesting that Mark Hurd and Jodie Fisher had a More on Mark Hurd
more than professional relationship.  Dating in the workplace is not at all uncommon.  A 2009 CareerBuilder.com survey of more than 8,000 U.S. employees found that over 40% have dated a co-worker.

Jodie Fisher released a statement suggesting that the two "never had an affair or intimate sexual relationship".  So, for those wondering why Mark Hurd resigned, you'll just have to wait for more details to surface (and don't worry, they will).
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