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John Kerry 2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 9
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John Kerry Le Tour de France 2017 - Stage Fifteen
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John Kerry Picture
John Kerry 'From the Ashes' Premiere - 2017 Tribeca Film Festival
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John Kerry Gets Two Black Eyes and a Broken Nose

By Darrick Thomas on
He may be 68-years-old and a committed politician, but John Kerry hasn't let that slow him down from a live of activity. Unfortunately, the young at heart senator's affinity for the physical left him with two wicked black eyes and a busted nose.The former Democratic presidential nominee who we all remember windsurfing and cycling also enjoys a little ice hockey now and again. However, a pick-up game with family and friends resulted in a multi-player collision that sent Kerry to the ice and...Read Full Story

John Kerry: Party Animal?

By JJ Duncan on
Ooohh look what TMZ dug up this time.John Kerry , five chicks and a whole lot of partying.As far as politically scandalous photos go, I'd say these are borderline. Yes John Kerry looks like he's totally getting down with the sorority girl action.But, I'm thinking he got jumped by a Bachelorette party.1. Girls only drink out of penis straws at bachelorette parties.2. The two older dudes with Kerry are his buddies, so are we to believe this was just a hot girl party roving the streets looking...Read Full Story
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