Your Favorite Soulful '00s Singer is Having a Baby

Your Favorite Soulful '00s Singer is Having a Baby
Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity news: Vanessa Carlton is going to be a mom, Sharon Stone isn't dating Antonio Banderas, Courteney Cox is engaged, and more...

Baby on the Way
Your favorite soulful singer of the '00s has some big news: She's going to be a mom! Vanessa Carlton, whose hit "A Thousand Miles" probably defined your 2002, and her musician husband are going to be parents, she announced on Thursday. The 33-year-old also informed her fans that the new development would delay her upcoming album, Liberman, until next year.

"I can now reveal the reason as to why Liberman will not be released until next summer," she posted on Facebook. "See the picture below. No, those aren't a bunch of croissants. We're expecting a baby. It’s healthy and moving around like a champ. I’m bummed to delay the album because it's so special to me and the perfect combination of England and Tennessee. When I put the record on it feels like medicine. I hope it does the same for you…in due time!"

It's exciting news, and especially exciting considering the singer was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and had to undergo emergency surgery two months before she and rocker John McCauley got married last year. This time around, things are going along smoothly.

P.S. We apologize if we got it wrong and Michelle Branch was actually your favorite early '00s crooner. In case you're interested, she had a baby in 2005 and she's also working on a new album.

Your Favorite Soulful '00s Singer is Having a Baby

Courteney Cox is Getting Married
Monica is getting hitched again! The 50-year-old announced her engagement to 37-year-old Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid on Twitter Thursday night. She shared a cute picture of the two with the caption "I'm engaged to him!" and he shared the same shot with "I'm engaged to her!" Isn't that adorable? Now we just want to know if she and Jennifer Aniston are going to be bridesmaids at each other's wedding.
Your Favorite Soulful '00s Singer is Having a Baby
Antonio Banderas Isn't Dating Again
Or at least the newly single star isn't dating Sharon Stone. The actress put rumors to rest in a Daily Mail interview this week. "Antonio is a brother to me, and Melanie has been with me for each and every birth of my three children," Stone told the publication. "They are my family."

She said of the dating buzz: "I find this salacious, unkind, unfounded reporting to be the typical pretense of what passes as 'journalism' today." Boom.

Shia LaBeouf Strikes Again
So, what's really going on with Shia LaBeouf? We're not really sure, but we do know his behavior keeps getting weirder, especially after he was arrested in NYC Thursday at a Broadway performance of Cabaret. The actor was "acting disorderly inside," a NYPD spokesperson told People. Apparently he was slapping people in the back of the head and on the bum in the theater and was also chasing a homeless guy before the show started.

Happy Early Birthday, Khloe
When your'e a Kardashian, it's very important to celebrate your birthday for at least a week. Khloe kicked off her Birthday Eve festivities Thursday night with her friends, family, and new beau French Montana and the evidence was obviously posted all over the Interwebs. Kim posted this Instagram shot of Khloe, her new man, and her crazy birthday cake. Expect the partying to continue well into next week, and especially tonight, her actual 30th birthday.

Cute Kid Pic of the Day:
We're doing things a little different today: This shot isn't a current one of Vanessa Hudgens and it's not particularly "cute," but it is insanely awesome. "#tbt to me playing Quasimodo in the hunchback at 8... Maybe 7? I don't know. Good times. HA" she wrote with this incredible vintage picture.

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