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John Murtha Steel Industry Executives Testify Before House Caucus
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John Murtha Hillary Clinton Campaigns Ahead Of Pennsylvania's Crucial Primary
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John Murtha Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing On Iraq
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John Murtha Dead at 77

By Deena Bustillo on
John Murtha, a longtime Pennsylvania congressman, died at 77 today at Virginia Hospital Center, accoring to the Washington Post. The Democrat died following a gallbladder surgery last month. He had served in Congress since 1974. Murtha was a Vietnam vet who greatly supported military spending. He served over 19 terms and was known for being able to use the power of the purse and wheel and deal. He was great at pork barrel politics and was chairman of the subcommittee that controlled...Read Full Story

John Murtha Hospitalized After Surgery Complications

By Olivia on
John Murtha, a Democratic representative from Pennsylvania, has been hospitalized and is being held in an ICU at Arlington's Virginia Hospital Center. The 77-year-old politician underwent a surgery to remove his gall bladder last week, and his current health issues are believed to have stemmed from complications with the procedure. Representative John Murtha (Getty) According to NYTimes.com, Murtha's spokesman Matthew Mazonkey wouldn't give many details on Murtha's present condition, saying...Read Full Story