Condi hires John Negroponte

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Sounds like Condi Rice struggled to fill this position before settling on John Negroponte. Linked from --- Officials in the Bush administration say U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte will soon become the second ranking State Department official. The officials said Negroponte, who was put at the helm of national intelligence less than two years ago, would play a key role in creating U.S...Read Full Story

John Negroponte makes an unexpected move

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Linked from --- In an unexpected move, John Negroponte, the US director of national intelligence, is leaving his post to move to the State Department. He will take up position as the Deputy Secretary of State and is expected to play a vital role as the Bush Administration looks to reshape its Iraq policy. While it is unclear when he would leave the intelligence post, the move is another blow for the intelligence gathering community, which...Read Full Story

National Intelligence Estimate, War in Iraq may increase terror threats

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A leaked intelligence report suggests that the War in Iraq has actually increased the threat of terrorism and helped spread anti-American sentiment. Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte conceded that Iraq had becomethe hotbed for a new generation of jihadists.  But he also defended the administration by saying, "We are certainly more vigilant. We are better prepared." Democrats are using the report to support their argument that the Bush Administration's approach to foreign...Read Full Story