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Jordan Ladd The Stars Of Lifetime's Christmas Movies Celebrate The Opening Night Of The Life-Sized Gingerbread House Experience At The Grove
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Jordan Ladd In Celebration Of “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime,” Stars Of The Network’s Christmas Movies Attend The VIP Opening Night Of The Life-sized Gingerbread House
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Jordan Ladd GBK Gift Lounge - MTV Movie Awards Weekend - Day 1
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Jordan Ladd Picture Jordan Ladd Picture Jordan Ladd Picture

Jordan Ladd Pictures and Bio

By Charlotte Brittan on
Jordan Ladd is an actress best known for her roles on the indie film circuit. She's starred in flicks like Grindhouse and Club Dread, and Hostel Part II, and got her start in the spotlight with a commercial for Polaroid at the age of 2! Jordan Ladd (Bauer Griffin) She is the daughter of Charlie's Angels star Cheryl Ladd and David Ladd, a former actor -- so acting was in her genes. Most recently she's earned props for her 2009 horror flick Grace. She's also starred in a couple episodes of...Read Full Story