Josh Hamilton Reacts to Fans' Death

By Adam Wenger on
There might be 162 games in a season of baseball, but Texas Rangers' star Josh Hamilton will never forget the one that saw a fan fall to his death. It all started innocuously for Hamilton and the rest of the Texas Rangers. In the top of the second inning, a foul ball ricocheted off an empty seat and into the field. Responding to a fan in the stands who wanted the ball for his young son, Hamilton scooped it up and tossed it to Shannon Stone. What happened next will haunt Hamilton and the team...Read Full Story

Josh Hamilton Party Pictures Reveal Relapse for Rangers Outfielder

By JJ Duncan on
A set of pictures making their way around the Internet reveal an unfortunate relapse for recovering alcoholic and Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.The pictures, originally posted on Deadspin, show Josh Hamilton partying with several women in a bar in Tempe, Arizona. His wife, Katie Hamilton, was not present.From Deadspin: Josh Hamilton claims he's been sober since October 2005. Since then he's rejuvenated his career, saved his marriage, devoted himself to Jesus, and become America's...Read Full Story