Julie Chen National Cathedral Hosts Memorial Service For Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
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Julie Chen Annual Allen And Co. Meeting In Sun Valley Draws CEO's And Business Leaders To The Mountain Resort Town
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Julie Chen 'Who Do You Think You Are?' FYC Event
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'The Talk' Reportedly Wants To Replace Julie Chen With Rosie O’Donnell, But We Have Other Ideas

By Nicole Cord-Cruz on
Chen departed the show after her husband, Les Moonves, resigned as CEO of CBS following sexual harassment allegations.Read Full Story

'Big Brother' Is Finally Doing a Celebrity Version and We're So Excited

By Jill Slattery on

Julie Chen Blasts Plastic Surgery Rumors on 'The Talk'

By Lani Conway on
(Getty) Julie Chen rustled up some media chatter last week after she revealed she underwent eye surgery in her early days as a response to some very horrifying feedback from TV execs: Her eyes, apparently, were too Asian for her to be taken seriously as a TV news anchor. Since then, countless rumors speculating that The Talk host had gone under the knife more times than once have surface. However, those rumors, according to Chen, simply aren't true. “I do not have cheek implants… I did not...Read Full Story

Julie Chen's Plastic Surgery Reveal Shows How Messed Up Show Business Is

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Getty Images)They say that if you're going to make it in Hollywood, you're going to have to give it your all. But I think we can all agree that "your all" shouldn't include surgically modifying your body to look more like a white person. Unfortunately, that's exactly what executives and agents told Big Brother and The Talk host Julie Chen to do if she wanted to advance her career in the industry. On Wednesday's episode of The Talk, Chen revealed that, after prompting from people in...Read Full Story

Julie Chen Pokes Fun at Herself on 'I Get That a Lot'

By Olivia on
Getty ImagesBig Brother host Julie Chen proved she can laugh at herself when she appeared on the CBS show I Get That a Lot last night. For those who haven't seen it, famous people pretend to work in service jobs, and hilarity ensues when customers come into stores and say things like, "Hey, aren't you Jessica Simpson?" According to About.com's TV blog, Chen took her place behind the counter of a yogurt shop, convincing customers she was just a lookalike. She made fun of herself for her...Read Full Story