Concept behind Anchorwoman, KYTX

Newsday has a nice summary of the new Fox reality TV show:

"The concept: Former Miss New York and World Wrestling Entertainment "vixen" Lauren Jones gets a call in Los Angeles from the general manager of KYTX/19, a real TV station in Tyler, Texas, telling her she's the next anchor of the station's newscast. One little hitch - she's never done anything like this before, knows next to nothing about journalism, is not exactly a fluent reader (a TelePrompTer? Forget about it) and pronounces words like magnanimous as "magmagimus."

But she is endowed, so to speak, and that's good enough for station boss Phil Hurley, who explains, "We're the new guys here and we're looking for as many eyeballs as we can get in a very short period of time."

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