Teacher Kaleb Tierce Indicted for Trying to Have Sex With Students

It's the set-up for a porno movie. A desperate student implores her teacher to improve a grade. Sensing an opportunity, the teacher tells her just how she can turn that F into an A, and that's when his pants come off.

But when Kaleb Tierce allegedly tried it, things didn't work out so easily. So he tried it again... and again.

Instead of getting a story worthy of a Jenna Jameson video, 26-year-old teacher and coach Kaleb Tierce just got arrested. It turns out real life high school girls aren't quite as interested in playing along as the girls in the movies Tierce has undoubtedly been watching.

More from the Associated Press: "Taylor County sheriff's Sgt. John Cummins said Tierce allegedly asked one girl to come to his home under a 'normal pretense,' then allegedly kissed her and exposed himself to her.

Tierce asked another girl 'what she would be willing to do for a better grade' and asked a third girl for sexual favors, according to the indictment. All of the incidents allegedly happened in 2005.

Tierce was originally placed on paid leave about one year ago when parents complained about one book on his pre-Advanced Placement English class reading list. The book, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy's "Child of God," describes a situation where a murderer has sex with the body of his victim.

Though he was placed on leave, he was never charged with any crime relating to the incident.
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