'SNL' Reimagines the Goriest Scene in 'It' With Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise

Kellyanne Conway is Pennywise, knew it all along.

'SNL' Parodies the Scariest Scene in 'It' Like the Savages They Are

No member of Trump's flauntourage is immune to SNL, and on Oct. 14, it was once again Kellyanne Conway's turn. Conway, played by earth-bound angel Kate McKinnon, took on a new role in the night's best sketch: Pennywise the dancing clown.

All smiles and insanity, McKinnon's Conway prefers the sewer to the oval office. After "Anderson Cooper," played by fellow cast member Alex Moffat, refuses to host Conway on his show, he wraps up filming, starts his walk home, and is shocked to find her deep in the NYC trenches.

"Kellywise" gets right to the point. "Put me on TV" she begs after Moffat's Cooper compliments her "toned down" makeup. They're later joined by a New York policeman, played by Kenan Thompson, and "Rachel Maddow," played by Cecily Strong.

Check out the sketch below, and be sure to avoid sewers.

You never know who you'll find.

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