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Kathryn Hahn Point Honors Los Angeles 2017, Benefiting Point Foundation - Inside
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Kathryn Hahn Point Honors Los Angeles 2017, Benefiting Point Foundation - Red Carpet
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Kathryn Hahn Kathryn Hahn at 'EXTRA'
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Kathryn Hahn Picture Kathryn Hahn Picture Kathryn Hahn Picture

Get Ready for an Awkward Ride Onboard 'The D Train'

By Joe Robberson on
Jack Black and James Marsden are, well, it's complicated... in the new dark comedy.Read Full Story

Would You Mind Getting Inside the Oven to Clean it?

By Joe Robberson on
M. Night Shyamalan's new trailer for 'The Visit' features some freaky grandparents.Read Full Story

5 Things to Know About Disney's Big Adventurous 'Tomorrowland' Movie

By JJ Duncan on
Starring George Clooney and directed by Brad Bird, the 2015 movie was introduced this week at New York Comic-Con.Read Full Story

Jason Bateman Flicks the Angel Off His Shoulder in 'Bad Words'

By Joe Robberson on
Jason Bateman in Bad Words. (Focus Features) Long story short: Bad Words shows a new side of Jason Bateman and it could change his career. He proves he can use his powers of sarcasm for evil as well as good.Bad Words will remind you of: Bad Santa, Scrooged, Billy Madison, Kindergarten Cop, The Royal Tenenbaums, Big Daddy Review: It's all on Jason Bateman in Bad Words and the heretofor straight man provides big laughs with a poke in the chest of a performance as a forty-something-year-old jerk...Read Full Story

Juno Temple and Kathryn Hahn Are 2 Good Reasons to Check Out the Trailer for 'Afternoon Delight'

By JJ Duncan on
After awesome supporting roles in Parks and Recreation, the first season of Girls, and pretty much every Will Ferrell movie, it feels like it's about time Kathryn Hahn got her own movie. She stars in the upcoming Afternoon Delight alongside Juno Temple who feels like she's about thiiis close to having a breakout year or two. Delight is an indie sex dramedy from director Jill Soloway that made its debut at Sundance earlier this year. Hahn plays a severely undersexed, well-to-do LA housewife...Read Full Story
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