Vandals cut chain that could have prevented James Kim tragedy

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This is sad news. The road that led the Kim family into trouble was supposed to be chained and blocked. However, vandals cut the lock and removed the chain before the Kim's happened upon the road. Sad to think how easily this could have been avoided. --- Linked from --- The tragic death of Cnet's journalist James Kim and the ordeal of his family have not one, but two chained causes, the investigation revealed...Read Full Story

James Kim found dead

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Unfortunately James Kim was found dead this week.  This is a tragic ending to the Kim Family ordeal.   James Kim must have died after hiking to the end of the steep, 5-mile canyon in the Siskiyou National Forest, west of Grants Pass Oregon. Wearing only tennis shoes, a jacket and sweater, James had left his family Saturday to get help.   Rescue workers were actively looking for James.   James wife and children were rescued earlier in the week.Read Full Story

The Search for James Kim

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The latest update on the search for James Kim, Kati Kim's husband. --- Linked from --- Apparently James's tracks were found for two miles leading away from their car, and followed along the side of a road, over a ridge and into a ravine. Choppers will continue the search through the night with night vision optics.Read Full Story

How Kati Kim and her family got lost

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Linked from --- Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson said the family turned off a side road and got stuck in the snow. They had been traveling along rural roads that are often used as shortcuts to Gold Beach on the south Oregon coast. The roads are typically used by whitewater rafters in the summer, but often are treacherous and impassible during the winter.Read Full Story

Kati Kim, Penelope Kim, and Sabine Kim Rescued!

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3 of the 4 members of the Kim Family have been rescued. The father, James Kim, is still missing. --- Linked from --- Kati Kim was with daughters Penelope, 4, and Sabine, 7 months. They were airlifted to Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass. "Mom arrived in an ambulance smiling and waving," said Linda Rankin, vice president for patient care at the hospital. She said all three were in good condition, and would spend the...Read Full Story