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'Scandal' Recap: Power Rankings for 'Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia'

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
This week on 'Scandal,' Fitz and Mellie are settling into their second term, but everyone is lost without Olivia.Read Full Story

'Scandal' Season Finale Recap: Power Rankings for 'The Price of Free and Fair Election'

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC)It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, Gladiators: Scandal’s season finale! If you’re not up to speed, check out our season-summing infographic, and then read on here: it’s going to be a bumpy, bomb-ridden ride. 1. Rowan: Command is back in town! We’re not happy with Rowan getting ALL the power back this week, but at least he reigned in the whole Maya situation (Maya = in the Hole) and did express from genuine love for his daughter. Said love quickly took a creepy turn, though, as...Read Full Story

'Scandal' 3.17 Recap: Power Rankings For 'Flesh and Blood'

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC)It’s six days to the election, in Scandal world, anyway, and the clock’s tick, tick, ticking away (and so is Maya Pope’s bomb). So who’s got the most power as we head to the ballot box and the season finale?1. Cyrus: So we thought it was going to be a slow week for Cyrus, just lots of trying to get Fitz to campaign and being shut down by Liv because of the bomb threat, and then he went and pulled one of the biggest power moves ever (one that, it should be noted, is absolutely despicable...Read Full Story

'Scandal' 3.16: Power Rankings For 'The Fluffer'

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC)Thank you, Shonda, for giving us shirtless Jake week after week after week. Lots of stuff went down this week on Scandal, and yet that image is the one that lingers. But Jake’s pecs can’t win the power rankings, so who will?1. Maya Pope: Maya is owning every interaction she participates in, including her dinner with Rowan and Liv and her whole “let’s kill Clare before she rats us out to Harrison” thing, but since we still don’t know her endgame (something involving a bomb), we don’t...Read Full Story

Scandal 3.15: Power Rankings For 'Mama Said Knock You Out'

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC)When is Shonda going to stop it with the face licking? Seriously, we’re over it. Anyway, this was quite the dramatic week on Scandal, but who’s got the power? 1. Olivia: Liv gets to fix everything this week. Literally everything. This is a hard week for Liv. She gets told she’s the help, she gets yelled at, and she has to deal with the clustereff that is the Grant family. Girl, I would move to Vermont by myself if I were you. She almost bails on all of this, until Cy gives her a “I need...Read Full Story
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