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Keith Ellison Congress to Hold Vote on Budget Bill As Shutdown Deadline Looms
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Keith Ellison Members of Congress Wear Black for SOTU in Solidarity With Sexual Harassment Victims
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Keith Ellison Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) Holds News Conference on Labor Department's Proposed Rule Surrounding Employees Tips
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Five Members of Congress Lawmakers Arrested at Darfur Protest

By Jake on
(Getty Images)Some times, it's just nice to see our elected officials arrested for a good cause. For example, look at the five members of Congress were arrested today. They weren't put in handcuffs because of corruption charges, perjury, or failing to report gifts, but instead of failing to follow Secret Service directions while protesting the Darfur genocide outside the Sudanese embassy.The five members, all Democratic members of Congress, were:John Lewis of GeorgiaDonna Edwards of...Read Full Story