Kimo Leopoldo -- Veteran UFC fight not dead, despite reports

Kimo Leopoldo: not dead.
Don't believe everything that you read.

Like, for instance, UFC fighter Kimo Leapoldo being dead.

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Despite a rash of reports stating that veteran MMA fighter Kim "Kimo" Leopoldo, the 41-year-old fighter is alive and well.

Reports of the supposed death, which were posted on numerous MMA blogs and even mainstream media outlets such as the Orange Country Register and the New York Daily News on Tuesday, were sparked by a forum posting on The Underground, a popular MMA-themed message board on

A member of the popular forum stated that Leopoldo had died on Monday due to "complications from a heart attack" while in Costa Rica. The claims, of course, proved unfounded.

The fighter's publicist, Bob Trieger, told ( that Leopoldo is, in fact, alive. His confirmation comes shortly after Leopoldo's attorney, Victor E. Hobbs, told Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole the same.

No other details were immediately available.

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