Comments from Kimveer Gill's mother

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Linked from Star (Canadian press) reports the following:----- Gill was very quiet in the few days before his shooting rampage, his mother told Radio Humsafar, a South Asian station in Montreal.  That struck her as odd, since he was normally so talkative and obedient.  "She asked him what was the problem," said Jasvir Singh...Read Full Story

Media reaction to Kimveer Gill and the Goth Community

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Media coverage of Kimveer Gill's shooting at Dawson College has put the spotlight on the goth community.  Gill posted a personal journal and blog at where he wrote about his likes and dislikes, posted quizes and quotes from favorite movies, etc.  The community of members at Vampirefreaks has been quick to criticize Gill and disassociate themselves from his brutal act.   VampireFreaks has posted a message stating that they do not encourage or condone illegal activities and...Read Full Story

Kimveer Gill's gun was a restricted firearm

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Linked from   Globe and Mail (Canadian Press) reports the following: -----  The gun alleged college killer Kimveer Gill displays proudly on his blog is a restricted firearm under Canadian law but popular with the country's shooting fraternity.  "To be perfectly honest it's a lot of fun to shoot," said Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, who also owns a Beretta CX4...Read Full Story

CNN Reports Kimveer Gill Shot and Killed Himself

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Linked from   CNN reports the following: ----- Kimveer Gill killed himself with a shot to the head after firing on students at Dawson College, Montreal police told CNN on Thursday.  Police initially said Gill was killed by officers. But, according to the preliminary autopsy report, Gill turned a gun on himself after officers shot him in the arm, police said. -----  Full update here.Read Full Story

More details on Kimveer Gill shooting at Dawson College

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Linked from,,1872514,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=1  The Guardian reports on Kimveer's online personality tests taken at, and follows with..  ----- The clothes [seen on] match the ones worn by the attacker when he got out of his car near a shopping mall in the centre of Montreal at 12.30pm yesterday and began shooting an automatic rifle at random...he hid behind vending machines before emerging to take aim - at one...Read Full Story