Kitchen Design Ideas

By John Newlin on
The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. Its neutrality and informal nature make it the perfect place for crowds to gather when hosting company. It's also the central nerve for all things sustenance. Designing the right kitchen might be the biggest domestic decision you make. So do your research. Here are some samples to get you warmed up. Cool. Modern. Elegant. Dark floors and countertops, require white walls. Good to remember that. This is kitchen excellence. You can...Read Full Story

Painting the Family Room/Kitchen Combo

By Olivia on
Painting is an easy way to unify your kitchen and family combination - that is, the "great room." Check out the photos below for ideas and inspiration. In this room, the dark color on the kitchen walls is repeated on the sofa, as are some the other accent colors. The two wall colors in this picture define the room as two separate spaces. Using a simple color with a contemporary, sleek decorating style makes the whole space look unified. Images via FlikrRead Full Story