Countertop Material Options

By Olivia on
There are plenty of styles of countertops on the market, so find out which one works best for your home. Here are some options. GraniteGranite can be expensive, but it holds up to heat very well. StoneStone is easy to take care of and looks great, but it's also usually pricey. TileTile is also heat resistant, and you can find any color you choose. Watch out for chipping, though. LaminatesLaminate counters are affordable, but they're easily damaged and impossible to repair. Stainless SteelIf...Read Full Story

Granite Kitchen Counters vs. Poured Concrete Kitchen Counters?

By Livingly Staff on
Granite countertops are great - but they are also very expensive and hard to work with. Many cost-sensitive remodelers are taking a closer look at poured concrete countertops as an alternatiev approach in their kitchen.Here is a quick synopsis of the trade-offs between classic granite counters and a poured concrete approach.Pros of granite counters:1. It's a well known material for kitchen counters, which means that there are lots of established vendors who can procure and install granite...Read Full Story