La Toya Jackson: 'Michael Was Truly Something Special'

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It's been one year since the death of pop star Michael Jackson, and his family still misses him terribly. Still, his sister La Toya says she knows he graced the world with his goodness. She said: "I have to be quite frank with you, Michael was something sent from god. Michael was truly something special from god. You guys never really saw what was really within him, the talent that he truly, truly had, that he only gave you a little bit of it. It's amazing.“Michael was so special, he was so...Read Full Story

La Toya Jackson Wants Harsher Charge for Dr. Conrad Murray

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Getty ImagesDr. Conrad Murray is expected to be charged for involuntary manslaughter related to Michael Jackson's death last June, but Michael's sister La Toya doesn’t believe it's enough. She said: "He should have been charged with premeditated."If found guilty, premeditated manslaughter carries a more serious sentence. Michael’s father Joe also believes Murray should receive the more serious charge. The family’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, said: "I spoke to La Toya Jackson, she wants justice...Read Full Story

La Toya Jackson Compares Michael to God

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Bauer GriffinLa Toya Jackson recently appeared on the UK show Live From Studio Five, where she claimed her late brother Michael Jackson had divine qualities because of the way he tried to spread peace and love during his life. She said: Michael was very, very special and my mother would always say that, because he was. He was very different. I would always say, ‘He’s not God. But he’s so God-like.’ He really was God-like. He just wanted to spread love and share love and just do everything...Read Full Story

La Toya Jackson Calls for 'Justice to Be Served' After Michael's Death

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DON'T MISS Did Michael Jackson's Doctor Spend 47 Minutes on the Phone After Michael Stopped Breathing Michael Jackson's Death Found to Be a Homicide Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya is “relieved” the star’s death is being treated as a homicide, weeks after she publicly declared the star had been murdered by “shadowy members” of his entourage. She said in a statement: “I am thankful to the investigators for uncovering the truth to the world. I look forward to the day that justice will be...Read Full Story

The Jackson Family Wants to Be Buried Together

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Getty Images DON'T MISS Surrogate Mother of Michael Jackson's Youngest Son Is a Mexican Nurse Michael Jackson's Medical Exam Record Gone Missing Michael Jackson’s relatives are set to buy a private garden at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park so they can all be laid to rest in the same place. The new plot may also be Michael’s final resting place, after his father Joe Jackson denied reports the late pop star has already been committed to the ground.A source said: They are waiting...Read Full Story

La Toya Has Somehow Become the Hottest Jackson

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Photos from Getty Images and another Photo Agency show (L-R) Janet Jackson in concert, La Toya Jackson shopping and Michael Jackson.La Toya Jackson was out shopping on Rodeo Drive this week and one thing was obvious: The 52-year-old is somehow the hottest Jackson.Between La Toya, Janet and Michael (does anyone really pay attention to any of the other Jacksons?) the fifth Jackson is definitely looking good. But let's face it, Janet and Michael aren't exactly competition. Michael's face is just...Read Full Story