David Letterman Gives Joan Rivers a Taste of Her Own Medicine

By Joey Skladany on
Who gets the last laugh? Check out the clip! Read Full Story

Jimmy Fallon Gets "Fancy" as Neil Young

By Joey Skladany on
With the help of David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills, of course. Read Full Story

The 'Thelma & Louise' Selfie Gets an Update

By Joey Skladany on
With the help of Jimmy Kimmel, of course. Read Full Story

Ain't No Compliment Like an Ice Cube Compliment

By Darrick Thomas on
If the Jump Street movies taught us anything, it's that nobody does pissed off like Ice Cube. The guy could be expounding on the joys of a good body wash or commending your new haircut and it'd sound like he was about to punch you in the face. In fact, to clear up any doubt on Cube's intimidating delivery, Jimmy Kimmel had him do just that.Read Full Story

Ryan Lewis Is Pretty Cool With You Only Knowing Who Macklemore Is

By Darrick Thomas on
(Getty Images) One of the (potential) problems with being in a band instead of going solo is that most people tend to identify and adore the lead singer. Most casual Doors fans probably think Jim Morrison wrote all the best Doors songs. He didn't. (That was predominately their guitarist Robby Krieger.) But Krieger didn't need the limelight, and neither does Ryan Lewis.Oh, who is Ryan Lewis? You know, Macklemore's sidekick*, the guy without a stage name. If you know Macklemore and don't know...Read Full Story
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