List of Tiger Woods Mistresses

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One of Tiger Woods' many alleged mistresses, and his unhappy wife. Rachel Uchitel is considered the first of Tiger Woods' mistresses. She is a New York bar and restaurant hostess who still denies any sexual relationship with Tiger Woods. Rachel scheduled a press conference last week to discuss the rumors, but canceled it only hours later, sparking rumors that Tiger Woods may have paid Rachel over one million dollars to keep quiet.

Jaimee Grubbs was once on VH1’s Tool Academy and has now admitted to being one of Tiger Woods'  girlfriends. She is considered the second mistress. Grubbs released a voicemail from Tiger Woods, as well as several hundred text messages, to the press.

Jamie Jungers is a Las Vegas waitress who claims to have had a long-standing affair with Tiger Woods. Jungers hired a lawyer to represent her during the press firestorm associated with Tiger Woods' scandals.  It is alleged that she accepted payment for interviews about the affair.

Mindy Lawton is a 33-year-old waitress who also claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods for over a year. Little is known about Mindy, aside from the fact that she lives near Tiger's hometown in Florida.

Cori Rist is a 31-year-old woman from New York. Cori spoke about her relationship with Tiger Woods after her former fiancee gave a press interview suggesting that she was linked to the famed golfer.

Holly Sampson is a 36-year old adult film actress who has appeared in several adult films. Sampson has yet to make any formal announcements regarding her alleged relationship with Tiger Woods.

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