Different living spaces call for different colors and design. The key to decorating your living room is creating a space that your family and friends feel comfortable in and want to spend time in. Check out these pictures for inspiration on your living room.

Positioning two sofas perpendicular to one another around a coffee table creates a social space.

It's usually best to put the sofa across from the television or entertainment center, if you can. Notice also how they have some bookshelves to the side for extra storage.

If you only have one sofa, placing a bench next to it adds extra seating without too much commitment.

I love the extra chairs in this living room, which add a pop of color and are practical for more seating. The sofa also faces the window, offering a nice view.

Many people combine the dining and living areas to save space. This room achieves the goal well, definining separate spaces but still making the best use of the area. In general, try to keep the dining area close to the kitchen (for practical reasons).

Images via Flikr
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