Who's the Manliest Man in the New 'Fury' Trailer?

By JJ Duncan on
Brad Pitt's name in the movie is "Wardaddy" which is kind of a whole new level of manliness.Read Full Story

'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Is a Big Fun Movie That Delivers On the Monsters

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Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. (From 20th Century Fox) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a PG roller coaster ride kids will love. After a brief prologue, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters opens on a whirling contraption of an obstacle course designed to be perilously difficult for teenagers (demigod or not) to climb. As the thing twirls and throws young challengers from its wooden handholds, it separates the...Read Full Story