Chris Henry 911 Calls Shed Light on Receiver's Last Moments: Full Transcript

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Two 911 calls were placed Wednesday when people witnessed the moments leading up to a fall from a pick-up truck that would take Chris Henry's life. Transcripts from the calls were published Thursday, revealing details of the incident.

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The first 911 call was placed by a woman who said she saw a black male standing in the back of a Ford F-150 pick-up truck and beating on the window. Shortly after that, another caller said there was a man in the road with a group of people around him who was "definitely unconscious."

Chris Henry is thought to have jumped in the back of the truck while arguing with his fiancee, Loleini Tonga. At some point, Henry fell out of the truck and was eventually rushed to a hospital where he soon died. Here are transcripts from the two 911 calls placed Wedneday night.

Call No. 1, while Chris Henry was in the truck:

11:51 - A woman calls 911, following a yellow truck with Henry hanging off the back:

Operator: Charlotte 911 Bellamy, do you need police fire or medic?

Woman: I need a police officer, I'm on Oak Road, I'm behind a yellow truck. It's a F-150 the tag says. It's got a black male on it with no shirt on and he's got his arm in the cab he's got some black pants on. He's beating on the back of this truck window. I don't know if he's trying to break in it or something, it just looks crazy. It’s a girl driving it now they turning onto Oakdale road

Operator: Off of what street?

Woman: Off of Oak Drive, going down Oakdale Road

Operator: You said the vehicle is occupied by a black female?

Woman: That’s what it looked like was driving it, and a black male hanging on the back of it the black male doesn’t have a shirt on and a cast on it looks like the left arm?

Operator: Are you still behind them?

Woman: No, I was on my way to my husband's job.

Operator: Ok, alright, I'll let them know ma'am

Woman: Thank you

Call ends

Call No. 2, while Chris Henry was lying in the road:

11:54 a.m. - A man calls 911 to report someone lying in the road motionless

Operator: Charlotte 911 do you need police fire or ambulance?

Man: I need an ambulance now, there's somebody laying in the road.

Operator: Ok sir, let me transfer you.

Operator 2: (Inaudible).

Man: I'm on Oakdale Road I just pulled up and there's lady trying - there's a man in the road, he looks dead, there's no movement.

Operator 2: Sir where are you at at Oakdale Road, what's a cross street or an address?

Man: Um, there is a mailbox, it says 111 I think.

Operator 2: Is there another number?

Man: Um, it's 1116.

Operator 2: (Inaudible)

Man: 1116 Oakdale Road.

Operator 2: Is he actually laying in the roadway?

Man: Yes, he is laying in the road, I don’t know what happened, we just pulled up here.

Operator 2: are you right by him now?

Man: No, I'm in a car maybe 200 feet from him.

Operator 2: And do you feel comfortable going up to him?

Man: Yeah, there's a crowd of people around him right now.

Operator 2: Ok, can you find out if he's awake?

Man: No, he's definitely unconscious he is not awake.

Operator 2: How old is he?

Man 2: he looks like mid-20's. Black male.

Operator 2: Ok, I can give you instructions to try to help him but you have to be right with him

Man: There's somebody checking his pulse and stuff right now

Operator 2: "Is he breathing?"

Call ends

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