Louis Aguirre Subs in for Regis and People Seem to Like It

Louis Agguire took Regis' place and people seemd to dig it.
Louis Aguirre is a popular television personality based in Miami, FL. He recently stood in for Regis Philbin during an episode of Live With Regis and Kelly.

The reviews are in, and have been very positive.

From an article at sun-sentinal.com:
Louis Aguirre handled his big morning on the national stage of Live With Regis and Kelly with aplomb. Filling in for Regis Philbin, the Channel 7 personality was relaxed, witty, flirty and quick with retorts during the host chat, the heart of the show.

Later, in a conversation with Joan Rivers, Aguirre got in the line of the day. Rivers, who every day is getting more like Estelle Getty's uninhibited character on The Golden Girls, said Miami is for "old Jews and hookers."

Without missing a beat, Aguirre said, "You're there all the time."

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