10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

Get ready to see the same faces at every Awards Show with a bunch you won't see.

10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season
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With the Golden Globes coming up January 11 and the Oscars on the horizon (February 7), awards season is in full swing. But the thing is, if you've seen one of these ceremonies, you've pretty much seen them all. The Oscars, the Globes, the People's Choice Awards, the BAFTAs, and all the Guild awards will feature many of the same actors. Who can forget Matthew McConaughey everywhere last year claiming all the Best Actor awards in existence for Dallas Buyers Club?

The favorites are the favorites and they're deserving talents worthy of attention. But the film industry is a huge place and each year there are dozens of other deserving performances passed over for one reason or another. So with most of the nominations already announced (the Oscar noms are revealed January 15), we already know who the favorites are and who's being ignored. Here are just some of the actors who fit into the latter category:

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    Jude Law

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    Dom Hemingway - Law is a nightmare in Dom Hemingway; he's a living breathing storm of a human being. Released from prison, he's out to get what's owed him, but he owes his estranged daughter as well. The way Law balances the character's violent nature and his attempt to do what's right is powerful stuff.

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    Jack O'Connell

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    Starred Up - O'Connell is getting attention for the wrong movie. He's great in Unbroken, but what he does in Starred Up is next-level intensity. It's the kind of stunning, violent performance that made stars of Eric Bana (Chopper), Tom Hardy (Bronson), and Ryan Gosling (The Believer). And it should do the same for O'Connell.

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    Essie Davis

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    The Babadook - Horror movie heroines never get any love come awards time even though they're usually pushed to extreme emotional limits. The material usually lets them down. But The Babadook is an exception. The Australian film is scary and funny, and Davis is its heartbeat as a mother dealing with the loss of her husband, her violent son, and a terror called Mr. Babadook.

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    Marion Cotillard

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    The Immigrant - Strengthened by James Gray's beautiful direction, The Immigrant is an American Dream film of dire resolution and sacrifice. Cotillard plays Ewa, forced into prostitution to take care of her sick sister, and she's never been more vulnerable.

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    Scarlett Johansson

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    Under the Skin - Lost in the fact Johansson broke her no-nudity clause for this role is the fact she's methodically frightening. As Laura, an alien huntress on Earth, the actress filmed scenes guerrilla-style in Glasgow while conveying otherworldly emotional distance... for a while.

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    Tom Hardy

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    The Drop - Hardy brings more character and guts to his performance as a former connected Brooklyn guy than every Expendables and Fast and Furious character combined. This is an old school portrayal of a simple guy who's constantly underestimated that recalls Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront

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    Tilda Swinton

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    Snowpiercer - Swinton disappears into character in Snowpiercer. Assisted by huge teeth, glasses, and a Yorkshire accent, she does evil in her own, unique way. Of all the distinct personalities in Bong Joon-ho's great dystopian film, Swinton's stands out above the rest.

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    Philip Seymour Hoffman

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    A Most Wanted Man - In one of his last performances, Hoffman brings German spy Günther Bachmann down to earth with a steady accent and world weariness that's entirely believable. Do spies ever look like this in films? Never, but here's what happens to James Bond if he makes it to retirement age. 

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    Naomi Watts

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    St. Vincent - As a pregnant Russian prostitute, Watts outshines the great Bill Murray in St. Vincent as the funniest person in the room. She's too old to care what she looks like or what others think, and the result is a character of such pure honesty, it's impossible not to love her.

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    Toby Kebbell

    10 Actors Getting Snubbed This Awards Season

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - At some point, a motion capture performance is going to get awards love. And as great as Andy Serkis is in Dawn as the head chimp, Caesar, his damaged lieutenant, Koba (Kebbell) is even better. The ape emits anger with every glance and steals the film's best scene with some deft comedic work.

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