Canadian Women's Hockey Team Celebration: Brewskis and Stogies

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After the Canadian women's ice hockey team won gold last night, they decided to celebrate. For some members, such as Haley Irwin and Meghan Agosta above, that mean some beer, champagne, and cigars, enjoyed out on the Olympic ice. There's been a lot of post-victory boozing in Vancouver this year. Canadian John Montgomery was filmed chugging a pitcher of beer after winning gold in skeleton.Us? We say to the victors go the spoils, but the IOC may see it differently. Gilbert Felli, the IOC's...Read Full Story

Meghan Agosta at the 2010 Olympic Games

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Meghan Agosta is competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics on behalf of Canada.  She's an offensive power house for the Canadian women's hockey team.  Meghan Agosta wears the #2 jersey.  She scored the opening goal during the ice hockey women's preliminary game between Canada and Sweden yesterday.  Olympic hockey games are being held at the UBC Thunderbird Arena  in Vancouver, Canada.  The women's Canadian team is considered a top contender for a spot on the podium.Read Full Story

Meghan Agosta

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Meghan Agosta, (born February 12, 1987) is an athlete from Canada. Meghan Agosta is competing for medals in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Olympic Ice Hockey. Find more Meghan Agosta news, pictures, and information here.Event Schedule:February 13 5:45 PM Ice Hockey - Women's Preliminary Round - Group A Game 1 (Sweden vs Switzerland) February 13 6:45 PM Ice Hockey - Women's Preliminary Round - Group A Game 2 (Canada vs Slovakia) February 14 7:45 PM Ice Hockey - Women's Preliminary Round...Read Full Story