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Michael B. Mukasey President Bush Signs Surveillance Bill In Rose Garden
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Despite Michael Mukasey's statements, waterboarding isn't hypothetical

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Here is Michael Mukasey's written response to Senate questions about waterboarding:Hypotheticals are different from real life and in any legal opinion the actual facts and circumstances are critical.This just doesn't seem like an acceptable answer to aquestion about the proper legal framework for evaluating whether certain interogation techniques are or are not considered "torture" according to US law.  This guy is nomincated to be the top legal mind in the country - he should be able to...Read Full Story

Michael Mukasey and Waterboarding

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Mukasey has gotten himself into hot water with his congressional hearings because of his refusal to categorize waterboarding as a form of torture.Here is John McCain's latest quote about waterboarding:"Anyone who says they don't know that waterboarding is torture or not has no experience in the conduct of warfare and national security," McCain said. "This is something fundamental about America. It isn't about an interrogation technique, it isn't about whether someone is really harmed or not...Read Full Story