Bizarre 'Cold in July' is a Wild Thriller

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Michael C. Hall plays one of many colorful characters in rising star Jim Mickle's latest.Read Full Story

'Dexter' Is Headed to Netflix Streaming on Halloween

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(From Showtime)If you're looking for something grim to binge watch on Halloween, Netflix will have you covered just in time. The first four seasons of Dexter will be heading to the streaming service starting October 31, thanks to a new deal with CBS, reports Deadline.Seasons five through eight will hit Netflix streaming on January 1, so you should have plenty of time to pack those first four seasons in. Dexter's series finale aired September 28, so this is pretty fast turn-around for the...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Series Finale Recap: So, Who Lives?

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(Photo: Showtime)Well, after eight long years, Dexter is finally over. Dead. Gone. Finito. Rotting like the weighted-down corpses thrown from the 'Slice of Life' after a meaty kill. And I know I can't be the only one here who is thinking... but what happened to Masuka's daughter?I joke, I joke. But all kidding aside, "Remember the Monsters?" was a strange ending to a very uneven season of a very uneven series of television. I don't know about you, but I always sort of assumed — hoped, really...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: The One Where the Worst Thing Ever Happens

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(Showtime)Okay. So we have a problem, here. Well, more accurately it's a Morgan family problem, as is typical in the Dexter-verse, but ending an episode with a newly serene, pacifist Dexter on his way to Argentina while Debra "Heart of the Show" Morgan lies bleeding out in a pool of her own blood sort of makes this all of our problem, guy. Pretty much the two thoughts I had going into this final season were "I hope Masuka never has a useless daughter" and "gee, I hope Deb doesn't die," so...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: Die Mommie, Die!

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(Showtime)This being the bitter end of the final season of Dexter, we all knew it was only a matter of time before one the characters we loved bit the dust. There will likely be more to come — this is a show centered around murder, after all — but the savage murder of Dr. Evelyn Vogel will go down in the history books as the event that jumpstarted the beginning of the end. Dexter has now come face to face with what he could and probably should have been, but eliminating this final threat...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

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'Dexter' Recap: Vogel's Murderous Past is (Finally) Revealed

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(Photo: Showtime)Well, okay. The good news is that — with nine episodes in the bag and three more to go — we finally know who the freaking Brain Surgeon is. The bad news is that — with nine episodes in the bag and three more to go — Dexter and Debra’s saga doesn’t seem to be headed towards any sort of satisfying conclusion. Instead of heightening Morgan family drama and subsequently wrapping up the show’s most pressing plot lines, Dexter is introducing brand new, eleventh hour characters and...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: Is There Another Killer in Town?

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(Photo: Showtime)We’re officially past the halfway point of Dexter’s final season, and tonight’s installment — “Are We There Yet?” — successfully took the show’s previous trajectory and turned it on its axis. If you weren’t already sure that Dr. Evelyn Vogel, the too-good-to-be-true mother figure in Dexter’s life, was hiding something, then you should be convinced after Dexter found Season 8’s big-bad red herring, Zach Hamilton, dead in his apartment. The kicker, of course, was that Vogel’s...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: Up Goes the Body Count

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(Photo: Showtime)Oh, Cassie. You poor, sweet, beautiful thing. Didn’t anyone tell you that the number one rule in the Dexter-verse is to never be young, kind, pretty, and in Dexter’s immediate vicinity? It didn’t work out for Rita, and we knew from day one that it would never work out for you. It would certainly appear that Zach Hamilton — Dexter’s shaky at best protégé — bludgeoned Cassie to death after his mentor’s neglect made him restless. As Dr. Vogel pointed out, Dexter may have studied...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: Somebody Call Poison Control — Hannah McKay is Back!

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(Photo: Showtime)If you’re reading this, then you’ve either watched tonight’s game-changing installment of Dexter and are ready to discuss, or you’re one of the unlucky many who has been robbed of CBS and Showtime, and all of the gifts that those wonderful networks deliver. I feel for you, readers — I too have been affected by this nonsense, and will be spending the rest of this evening in a Big Brother-blackout fueled depression. But we at Zimbio were lucky enough to receive a screener of...Read Full Story