Michael Oher Tuohy's Family Subject of New Flick 'The Blind Side'

By Deena Bustillo on
Michael Oher Tuohy's family is the subject of the new Sandra Bullock flick, The Blind Side. Even though the 2009 first-round NFL draft pick for the Ravens might be living the good life now, things certainly weren't that way when he was a kid. The Tuohys, a wealthy family in Memphis, were driving home one day and found Oher, homeless, walking down the street in the cold. They took him in. They not only took the homeless boy in, they ended up making him part of their family. Then, he became...Read Full Story

Michael Oher -- From homeless youth to the NFL draft

By Jake on
When the NFL Draft happens, few of the players standing up on the podium will have had quite a long a journey as Michael Oher. The University of Mississsippi All-American tackle says his earliest memory is walking along side a road with his brothers at the age of 2, homeless and unsure of where they were going. He spent his youth homeless and bouncing around in foster homes, before a couple took him in at 16.From USA Today: Michael attended 11 schools in nine years.If not in a foster home...Read Full Story