Michelle Bisutti's Student Loan Debt Doubles

Michelle Bisutti is a doctor who started out with $250,000 in student loan debt, but thanks to defaults, interest and penalties, the sum is now up to $550,000. According to NBCi4.com, Bisutti said she was charged a whopping $53,870 when her loan was turned over to a collection agency.

Bisutti called into NBC Columbus to tell her story (NBCi4.com)
She said, "It’s ridiculous what they’re allowed to do to you."

Bisutti also encouraged other students to ask plenty of questions and learn the fine print before they sign a loan agreement, to avoid ending up in her position. She was also charged a
$32,000 fee when she attempted to consolidate her loans.

The bottom line? Communicate with your lender, and don't be afraid to ask questions about things you're unsure of.
Learn the definition of terms like subsidized/unsubsidized, forbearance and deferments. Bisutti said, "I'd take two broken kneecaps over having to pay this any day."