Michelle Ruder and Colleen Shipman

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Roomie Colleen Shipman is back in the news this week.  A steamy email exchange between Colleen Shipman and Bill Oefelein was released to the media and published by Chron (Here's the full text of the emails, in PDF format).Gotta wonder how all of this media coverage is impacting Michelle Ruder, the roommate of Colleen Shipman.  Yikes.  Lots of reporters and media paparazzi knocking on your door.But at least no one has published Michelle's personal email exchanges (and email address) to the...Read Full Story

Michelle Ruder fending off the paparazzi

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Just imagine... your roommate is stalked by a psycho astronaut wearing diapers, the media catches wind of the story, and everyone under the sun suddenly starts knocking at your door. Yikes! I feel bad for Michelle Ruder. She's having a difficult week!Read Full Story