Wife Sells Husband on Craigslist Due to His Gaming Addiction

By Darrick Thomas on
Does your husband spend more time with this than with you?  You won't see it on our Holiday Gift Guide, but if you're in the market for a used husband, we've found you a deal. A Utah woman tired of being ignored by her Modern Warfare 3 -obsessed husband posted an ad on Craigslist offering him up in the "Free Stuff" category. The ad was in good fun and read: I am selling my 22 year old husband. He enjoys eating and playing video games all day. Easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5...Read Full Story

Modern Warfare Strike Packages Video Reveals New System

By JJ Duncan on
Modern Warfare 3 Strike Packages bring a new shift to the latest Call of Duty title, due in stores Nov. 8th. Instead of straight-up Killstreak Rewards, the Strike Packages offer a new style of play that rewards players who aren't necessarily out to get as many kills as possible. (The new video is posted below.) In Modern Warfare 3, Strike Packages come in three varieties: assault, support and specialist. The Assault Strike Package stays true to the Killstreak system already familiar to...Read Full Story

'Modern Warfare 3' Multiplayer Trailers: Video

By JJ Duncan on
The Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer first debuted a few days ago, and since then one more multiplayer video has popped up on the official CALLOFDUTY YouTube channel, where you can also watch Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg wax poetic about the game's multiplayer facet. The latest in the wildly popular Call of Duty franchise is scheduled to hit stores on November 8, 2011. While Modern Warfare 3 videos have been on the Web for most of the summer, the new videos are the first to show...Read Full Story

'Modern Warfare 3' Info, Screen Caps Leaked

By JJ Duncan on
Modern Warfare 3 is the next highly-anticipated installment in Activision's lucrative Call of Duty franchise, and while the game won't be here until November, we're already seeing some info hit the Web. All-around geek blog Kotaku put a lot of work into digging up all the details they've posted on the upcoming game . Seriously they're to be commended. The newly revealed material details multiplayer and single player campaign information and includes screen captures and concept art. Kotaku...Read Full Story