Morgan Harrington Murder Linked to Unsolved Assault Case

By Olivia on
Morgan Dana Harrington went missing last year after a Metallica concert, but her remains were found in Virginia in January. Now, there's a new development in the case of the Virginia Tech student's murder.According to CBS, evidence collected in the investigation matches evidence from an unsolved abduction and sexual assault case back in 2005. A 26-year-old female had been walking home from the grocery when a man sexually assaulted her. Now police are trying to ID the suspect, and they've...Read Full Story

Body of Morgan Harrington, Missing Virginia Tech Student, Possibly Found on Farm

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The remains of a body found on an Albemarle County farm in Virginia this morning may belong to Morgan Dana Harrington, a Virginia Tech student who went missing at a Metallica concert on October 17th. According to, police are still analyzing the remains and plan to release further details "if anything should develop concerning this scene and the disappearance of Morgan Harrington." David H. Bass, the owner of the farm where the body was found, said he discovered the "seriously...Read Full Story

Metallica Helps in Search for Morgan Dana Harrington

By Deena Bustillo on
Morgan Dana Harrington vanished 10 days ago at a Metallica concert she attended with her friends, now, the search for the Virginia Tech student is getting help from the band and the FBI. Metallica posted a news story about their fan's disappearance this week on their official web site, and wrote a personal message saying they are "deeply concerned" about the missing 20-year-old. Sources even say frontman James Hetfield has reached out to the Harrington family, and have offered to add $50...Read Full Story

Morgan Dana Harrington, Virginia Tech Student, Goes Missing from Metallica Concert

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Morgan Dana Harrington, 20, attended a Metallica concert on Saturday at the University of Virginia with a couple of friends, but Harrington became separated from her pals that night and hasn't been seen since. According to ABC, police found her purse (holding her ID and cell phone) in the parking lot of UVA's John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville. As an education major at Virginia Tech, Harrington went home to see her parents in Roanoke most weekends and sometimes during the week. She...Read Full Story