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Morgan Freeman 2014 Summer TCA Tour: Day 10
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Morgan Freeman Gene Siskel Film Center Honors Morgan Freeman
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Morgan Freeman 42nd AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Jane Fonda - Backstage And Audience
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'Transcendence': Some of it is Kind of Watchable

By Joe Robberson on
Tedious characters and a patched-together story doom this sci-fi thriller.Read Full Story

Weekend Watch: Should We Believe in 'Transcendence'?

By Joe Robberson on
The new sci-fi film has the smarts to be another 'Inception', but there's cause to be skeptical.Read Full Story

A Look Back at Nelson Mandela in Film

By JJ Duncan on
(Weinstein Company | Warner Bros. | Showtime)Filmmakers have been captivated by the story of Nelson Mandela's fight against apartheid since before he was released from prison in 1990. And as the eventual leader of South Africa his story has only become more interesting since then. On Thursday the beloved world leader died, leaving behind a world inspired by his acts of forgiveness and unity. Playing such an inspirational figure is obviously a daunting task for actors, but here's a look back...Read Full Story

So 'The Lego Movie' Actually Looks Pretty Funny, You Guys

By Darrick Thomas on
I know what you're thinking: "A movie based on the Danish building blocks we used to play with as children? How about, "No thanks?'" But damn if Lego: The Movie doesn't look like it might actually be good. Worst case scenario: It'll definitely be enjoyable by kid-friendly movie standards. Smartly, the film is in on the joke, poking fun at the janky animation and ridiculous nature of turning Lego people into feature film characters, while including the right amount of wink-wink nostalgia to...Read Full Story

Morgan Freeman Justs Wants to Sleep During His Interviews

By Dino-Ray Ramos on
Morgan Freeman is known for his regal voice and riveting films. After today, he will be known for something else: falling asleep during a live on-air interview. During an interview with KCPQ in Seattle, he and actor Michael Caine were talking about their upcoming movie, Now You See Me. As Caine talks enthusiastically about the magic in the movie, we notice that Freeman's eyes start to get heavy — and then he just nods off for a bit. We aren't mad at him for that. Everyone needs a little shut...Read Full Story
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