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With help from Matt Zoller Seitz, the author of a gorgeous new book all about the movie.
The Razzies recognized the "worst" in film Saturday night.
The chosen few share their memories, and their handwriting, on these sweet Oscar questionnaires.
Nicole Crimi is 18 now and probably hasn't danced to 'Milkshake' in years.
Not everyone's a fan of the love-fest and accolades that is the Academy Awards. Some stars would rather trash the occasion.
You don't have to see the movie, just check out the press photos to see how strange this sequel is.
Join us as we pick who will (and who should) win at this year's Oscars!
by The Zimbio Staff
They don't always win for their bests.
From huge big budget spectacles to Kristen Wiig insanity, these trailers ruled the week.
by The Zimbio Staff
Test your knowledge before watching this weekend's big show!
The king of sports flicks is back with 'McFarland, USA' this week. So how does it compare?
Which one of these tracks are guaranteed to get you some action?
Director Zack Snyder tweeted the picture with the phrase, "Unite the Seven."
Not all the greats have a tiny gold man on their mantles.
The 'District 9' director confirmed the news Thursday, and we're trying to be cautiously optimistic.
These are the quotes we'll be quoting for years to come.
Prepare for the Academy Awards with these great facts.
by The Zimbio Staff
We give you a pair of famous actors, you tell us who reigns supreme in the eyes of the Academy.
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