Liam Neeson hunts down two serial killers with his guns and one-liners in the new thriller.
Terry Gilliam's new film is an ambitious philosophical chore for the most part.
by The Zimbio Staff
Don't you forget about them.
Sometimes a whole lot of Internet grumbling really does make a difference.
by The Zimbio Staff
Can you get a purr-fect score?
by The Zimbio Staff
Hold on to your butts.
For director David Fincher, the creepier the better.
He's playing a little game with 'Batman v Superman' director Zack Snyder.
Are you a thriller-seeker, or a sci-fi aficionado? Maybe you're the type who likes to keep things light?
by The Zimbio Staff
Test your knowledge of all things Molly Ringwald, big hair, and awesome
He's content to stick with the really crazy genre material.
Find out what your favorite pee-wee hockey team has been up to since 1992.
We've seen new posters with stars like Matthew McConaughey, Meryl Streep, and Jennifer Lawrence front and center this week, but which one rules?
by The Zimbio Staff
Even tears dried with hundred-dollar bills are still tears.
by The Zimbio Staff
Are you as big of a sports buff as you think you are?
In a new article with The Daily Beast, Westley himself remembers making the classic movie. And you won't believe how much Andre the Giant could drink.
Time to give the story of your life a bit of character.
by The Zimbio Staff
Can your movie knowledge make the blurry clear again?
by The Zimbio Staff
How well do you know these lively big-screen fêtes?
by The Zimbio Staff
One does not simply ACE this quiz!
by The Zimbio Staff
How versed are you in movie ink? See if you can guess which tatt matches which flick inside.
Natalie Portman's breakthrough movie turns 20-years-old this week.
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