There's definitely more than 11, so feel free to take this as a challenge.
He says he's a big Henson fan and can't wait to head to Fraggle Rock.
He still has a hard time talking about friend and co-star Paul Walker.
You're going to want to see this movie after you read what he has to say about it.
Film buffs, you'll really want to watch this beautiful collection of opening and ending shots.
This might be the best Adam Sandler movie we've seen in a long time.
Let's see how much of a Disney expert you really are.
Watch his leaked audition tape for the movie that's now set to star Mike Epps.
Taking this quiz is a dream your heart made.
Because who doesn't love pie, movies, and ridiculous "holidays?"
Two perspectives on the movie's Photoshopped look, impeccable style, and surprising depth.
Disney likes to create whole new worlds, but how well do you remember them?
The beautiful teen thriller is the best horror film in a decade.
The first 'Star Wars' stand-alone movie was given a title Thursday morning.
Now that Disney has officially announced the inevitable sequel to the animated hit.
A princess by any other name would still live happily ever after.
It's the announcement we all knew was coming.
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