Before you tune in to watch Fargo, take a look back at how other big screen to small screen adaptations fared.
You'd think these famous names would have at least one box office blockbuster, but they don't.
And it's awesome. Watch it inside.
Next week in The Other Woman, an affair leads to an unlikely friendship between three women. What other movies have featured cheaters and scandalous affairs?
Heyyyy youuuu guys! Come take our quiz.
From Conan's 50-celeb intro to Eminem's duet with Rihanna, the biggest moments inside.
Zac won just for taking off his shirt. No, really.
There's some good in the world, Mr. Frodo — and it's worth taking a quiz for.
Nicolas Cage's intense performance drives the southern morality tale.
Ben Affleck stars in the adaptation of one of 2012's most talked-about books.
Dreamworks Animation's exotic sequel spends too much time on a convoluted plot, and not enough on its best characters.
Ohhh-tay! It's time to figure out which little rascal you are.
Jim Jarmusch helms the best vampire flick since Let the Right One In. the movies and on TV at least.
With the MTV Movie Awards coming up Sunday, we ask you to really think about 'Argo' vs. 'The Avengers.'
Every year the MTV Movie Awards honors the year's best movie kiss. This may be the awards show's most meaningful cultural contribution.
The Scottish gal knows how to work her (often supernatural) facial muscles like nobody's business.
The actors of Only Lovers Left Alive could really be vampires in real life. See who they are inside, along with previews of Rio 2, Joe, and Oculus.
Read his response, and find out how director Brett Ratner left him disappointed inside.
Get a first look at Gary Oldman, and check out Caesar's band of increasingly human apes inside!
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