He wrote a lengthy response to the controversy during his Reddit AMA Wednesday.
This movie does not need anyone's analysis. Just enjoy the abs.
Actress Ellen Albertini Dow died Monday at the age of 101.
Now that you've seen 'Age of Ultron' twice, check out these less-heralded gems.
He'll judge his success by the screams of your children.
Her name is Maz Kanata, and she's a pirate with no allegiances — yet.
Perhaps there's something here that you didn't know before.
Think you know sci-fi, aliens, lasers, and light speed cruisers? Prove it.
From 'Civil War' to 'Black Panther' to the New Avengers.
These are the movies people can't wait for.
Don't give up on movie night!
The running is down to two very young and familiar faces.
Which of these related movies do you prefer?
The Verge condensed 10 movies into one short video so you're fully prepared for the 'Avengers' sequel.
Marvel has made the post-credits scene an essential part of its storytelling.
Cannes will get them first, but you'll be hearing from these movies in 2015.
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