by The Zimbio Staff
Arm yourselves! And see how much of a movie weapon expert you are.
Emily Browning leads the vintage-styled, indie pop opera.
JLaw and Bradley Cooper could score Oscars noms for their third big collaboration, 'Serena'.
Watching the movie's classic throne room scene with only natural sound is weeeiiird.
Find out which classic creature of the night lives inside you.
by The Zimbio Staff
See how well you know these big screen watering holes.
From San Fransokyo to Madagascar and even the Afterlife, these movies will take you places.
by The Zimbio Staff
It's not nearly as morbid as it sounds (because it's make-believe).
The tales of Harry, Ron, and Hermione have seemingly affected more people than The Bible.
Embrace you inner witch or wizard with Zimbio's 'Harry Potter' Spell Generator.
If you don't see anything else, see these.
by The Zimbio Staff
Do you know your Snow White from Sleeping Beauty?
Zack Snyder responds to leaked photos with a money shot of Batman's ride.
They're hope incarnate, the most sought after women in the movies.
by The Zimbio Staff
So, just how big of a film buff are you?
An Instagram user snuck a few shots of Batman's updated ride from the movie's set in Detroit.
by The Zimbio Staff
A quiz 65 million years in the making.
"I just had like ... frankly, something of a nervous breakdown."
After teasing us with a poster that showed nothing but Katniss' back, Lionsgate gives us our first full image of the Mockingjay.
If you love the Oscars, these are the movies to see in the coming months.
by The Zimbio Staff
You might be surprised what is and isn't rated R.
Eight years after winning Best Actress, she could find herself nominated for as many as four Oscars in the coming year.
Directors Anthony and Joe Russo didn't want to leave anything for web series 'Honest Trailers' to complain about.
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