Check out Gaga's amazing performance on video.
“What the f*ck does she have to do to win Album of the Year?”
It was a big night for Adele, Beyonce, Drake, and Chance the Rapper.
Adele was visibly upset and even cursed out loud accidentally.
Oh, Adele. Why do you keep doing this to us, girl?!
The band confirmed the unexpected collaboration on Tuesday.
The sultry video for 'Fifty Shades Darker' leaves us with so many questions.
It's safe to say the punk rock band won't be playing at his inauguration.
The new clip picks up right where 'Perfect Illusion' left off.
Take a seat because you're gonna lose it after hearing these vocals.
Set in a meadow underneath a starry blue sky, everything about Gaga's performance was gorgeous.
'Prince defied the odds: a black teen from Minneapolis with a goal to electrify the world. He had the courage to be different.'
Malik wasn't going to accept his honor without shading the band that gave him his start.
The outfits, the colors, the sexiness... We're dead.
Queen B and the Dixie Chicks' performance of 'Daddy Lessons' was utterly spectacular.
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