This talented Scottish teenager is ready to make her mark on the States.
He's made a huge splash in his native Australia — and you'll want to check him out at the summer festivals.
There's a rumor that these groups will be joining forces for a massive world tour. Who would you be more excited to see?
The season 4 sweetheart confirms that Adam Levine smells "kind of amazing."
The Rolling Stones canceled the launch of their Australian tour in the wake of the designer's death.
M.I.A. is just asking for, you know, $16 million or so. No big deal.
Thankfully no one was injured, but the footage is super scary!
Tyler got arrested, Gaga got barfed on, Snoop got baked. There was a lot going on.
The handsome young trio is prepping to release their third album, and they're being awfully cute about it.
Lovato pointed out that Gaga's young impressionable fans are going to be very confused by Gaga's recent stage vomit stunt.
She also got covered in a "vomit painting" and delivered a song on a mechanical bull. All in a day's work for this one.
A horrific accident cast a tragic pall over SXSW early Thursday morning, but there is still reason to celebrate the great performances in Austin this week.
What would you do if you could spend a day with any musician, dead or alive? We asked some of our favorite new artists.
Both 'True Detective' and 'The Walking Dead' featured some amazing music.
Check out the albums that inspired our favorite up-and-coming artists to become musicians in the first place.
Robin Thicke has reportedly been dedicating Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" to his estranged wife in concert, but there are other songs he could use to up his game.
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