Let's heal our hearts together with the ultimate playlist.
Thanks to the Internet, artists can collaborate without even knowing it.
Plus, find out how you can win a trip for two to this year's festival!
by The Zimbio Staff
From the Beatles to Destiny's Child, bands go through a bunch of names before finding one that sticks.
Take a trip back to a time when Mariah was on the rise and Darius was simply known as "Hootie."
Check out which stars took home statues at the 2015 Grammy Awards.
The Grammys are music's biggest award, but should they be?
She was so into it that she forgot to leave out a curse word. Whoops.
It's time to get your back off the wall, Misdemeanor. Cause we said so.
Metal lions, dancing sharks, and Missy Elliot — oh my!
Let's find your sonic soulmate.
Wait — the band from our teen years were still a thing?
"Heartbeat Song" may take cues from Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle," but we don't mind.
Taylor Swift-style interpretive dancing, anyone?
So far, the soundtrack trumps all steamy snippets we've seen of the movie.
Which celebrity would be your best-ever duet partner, in a perfect world?
Many of the music industry's top performers are talented songwriters who lend their skills to others' albums.
Discover all the music we loved (and loathed) in 2014.
She doesn't drive a lime green Beetle anymore, though.
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