Zimbio Review - 'Kill List' Will Test Your Limits

By Joe Robberson on
(IFC Films) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? It's not an easy watch, but Kill List is probably the best psychological horror film since Saw. In Kill List you'll see a beating as unmerciful as any since the flogging of Christ. The horror of the film is mostly psychological, but the beating, which involves a hammer and a pedarast, is as clear as day. This film requires you to take a breather and reflect on what you've seen. Neil Maskell is Jay, a retired ex-soldier and hitman...Read Full Story

Who Plays Tanya Denali in Breaking Dawn?

By Adam Wenger on
Wondering who plays Tanya Denali in Breaking Dawn? Well, it's none other than Swedish beauty MyAnna Buring.Born in Sweden in 1984, the blonde actress actually grew up in the Middle East. She didn't land a role in Hollywood until 2004 when she was cast as Sam in the 2005 horror film, The Descent. While she's been in a handful of movies and TV series, Twihards are eager to see her as Tanya Denali in Breaking Dawn. The film is due out in theaters November 18. See more pictures of MyAnna Buring...Read Full Story