Highlights from the Geneva Auto Show

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Pictures from the Australian International Motor Show

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Kyle Larson Giant NASCAR Crash at Daytona: Pics and Video

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A giant crash in front of the grandstand at the end of a NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway Saturday left many cars in pieces, with wreckage even reaching the stands. While it's unclear exactly how the whole thing happened, what is known is that it was a complete mess out there on the track. Racer Kyle Larson's car's engine ended up on fire far from his vehicle, and many other drivers were taken to the hospital as a precaution. Luckily, all of them were treated...Read Full Story

Worst NASCAR Crash Ever

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Not everyone watches NASCAR for the wrecks. Most people, but not everyone. You have to admit though, when these high-speed cars collide, the results tend to be spectacular.Michael McDowell was involved in one of the worst crashes of the year last year. Remarkably, he walks away from this horrible horrible mangling of his race car.Read Full Story

NASCAR Pit Crew 101: Don't Chase Runaway Tires

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Now, being a member of a NASCAR pit crew must, at times, be stressful and confusing. There's cars racing around at top speeds, tires that need to be changed, fluids that need to be checked, but somewhere in the pit crew handbook there has to be a sentence in big bold letters that reads: DO NOT RUN ONTO OR TOWARDS THE TRACK FOR ANY REASON.Or maybe this is just assumed to be common sense, something that Jimmy Watts, a member of driver Marcos Ambrose's team, seems to lack. Like a scene from...Read Full Story
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