Adam Lambert Snubbed in 'New York Times' List of Most Talented 'American Idol' Contestants

VH1 Divas 2012 - ShowToday the illustrious New York Times came down from its Ivory Tower and soiled itself in the nerdery that is arguing over American Idol. They enlisted hilarious Tweeter and noted Idol expert Joe Reid (AI fans may have come across him on Vulture or Grantland) to rank the "The Top 5 Most Talented ‘American Idol’ Contestants Ever," and notably absent from that list was Adam Lambert.

Instead Reid included:

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Melinda Doolittle
3. Jennifer Hudson
4. Carrie Underwood
5. Nadia Turner

The list wasn't about the most talented female contestants. It's just that no guys made Reid's shortlist, (although he deserves credit for listing Melinda Doolittle as no. 2). It's almost like he wanted to pick a fight! When I first saw the list I immediately thought of Lambert, and that's kind of interesting. Lambert is not one of the show's seven male winners, but he's the only guy whose exclusion seemed to beg for justification. He's probably the only Idol contestant to ever do Queen justice, so much so there have been persistent rumors about him joining the group ever since he left the show.

So to bring this back around, here's my personal list (though this is subject to random whims and changes). Feel free to argue with me in the comments.

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Jennifer Hudson
3. Adam Lambert
4. Carrie Underwood
5. Candice Glover (time will tell on this one)
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