Nadya Suleman Family Website Open For Donations

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(From off the news that she's already receiving food stamps, despite saying that she wasn't "living off the taxpayer's dollar" on national television, the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has launched a Web site where people can donate to help support her and her 14 children.The site allows visitors to donate via credit card or PayPal or leave a comment. According to her publicist Michael Furtney they are in the process of establishing the website as a...Read Full Story

About Nadya Suleman:
  • Nadya is the mother of the octuplets born in California in January 2009.
  • She already had 6 other children, bringing her count to 14 kids!
  • The chances of delivering eight babies naturally are "unbelievably rare," said Dr. Richard Paulson
  • Nadya Suleman used fertility treatments in IVF to implant the 8 fertilized eggs. She did not expect all 8 to take.
  • This is the second example of live octuplet births
  • Her births, and the fact that she now has 14 children, sparked a morality debate about fertiltiy treatments. Should parents use fertility methods to have so many children? Is it ethical to proceed with an 8 child pregnancy, knowing that it puts all 8 children at increased risk? Who should pay for the needs of these children, in terms of housing, health care, education, and more?
"We were fortunate that this patient was extremely strong, very courageous and able to handle these births," said Dr. Karen E. Maples.
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