Nancy Reagan to Obama: 'Oh You're a Lefty'

By JJ Duncan on
As President Barack Obama officially declared his intention to celebrate the late Ronald Reagan's centennial birthday, former first lady Nancy Reagan had just one quick remark."Oh, you're a lefty."Obama chuckled at the double entendre and replied, "Yes, I'm a lefty."The meeting between Reagan and Obama Tuesday was a light-hearted make-up following an awkward period between the pair. Obama found himself apologizing to Reagan shortly after entering office for a joke he made at her expense. And...Read Full Story

Nancy Reagan -- Appears at Obama's side at press conference

By Jake on
Nancy Reagan appeared with Barack Obama at a press conference today, praising her late husband, and the former First Lady herself for her work on stem cell research.The occasioan was the creation of a commission ot honor Ronald Reagan on what would have been his 100th birthday.From a story in the Washington Post: With former first lady Nancy Reagan by his side, President Obama today created a commission to plan events that will honor former president Ronald Reagan on what would have been his...Read Full Story